domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

Religion of the Third Millennium, Religion of Love

Religion of the Third Millennium, 
Religion of Love
There is no religion, there is no dogma, love is the religion.

You do not need a temple, you are your temple. You do not need a master, you are your master. You do not need a religion, you are your religion.

Life is loving. Love is quantum. The meaning of life is love. The raw material of the whole universe is love. We are energy, we are light, we are love. All the rest is illusion, solely the practice of love is the truth. For life on Earth solely compassion is the truth. Happiness is the compassion. Happiness is the respect. Happiness is the harmony. Respect for all beings. Respect for all Earth.

Love as much as you can. Love all beings. Love all life. Love all the Universe. There is no religion. Religion is the respect. Religion is the love.

Learn by mind, learn by heart, follow no one.

Loving thought, loving word, loving action.

That is it, only.